The international club «Aretocracy»
Safe space for experience exchange and development among gifted business and public figures
— Open yourself up to new achievements
Fortis in Unum
our credo:
The President
Sergey Romanov
A patron
«Mr. Universe» 2017
"Reality is changing now. We live in a new world.

A world where a business is not about money.
A world where a business development is not determined by the size of the investment but by the leader's ambiance.
A world where only together we can achieve great results

Like-minded people must unite for the most challenging tasks compliance and for ambitious goals."
"The «Aretocracy» is not only about just business, it`s about values.

This is a place where you can find like-minded people and feel like home.
In our club friendship and communication are the main club concepts.".

The consiglieree
The managing director, the proxy
Alesya Koretskaya
— «Aretocracy» today
We build trust.
We are going to transform the external environment through association, to make space play on our team.
Charity projects
Your future
A community of professionals, experts, politicians, and entrepreneurs from around the world.
Honorary Members and Ambassadors
Keystone community values
— values
A member`s willingness and ability to follow the good consciously and firmly, to will creating a moral excellence.
Club member`s mutual desire to gain new knowledges, to to grow and reach new goals.
A continuous process of value generation for club members and for whole world too. We create material, intellectual and spiritual benefits for the community through the real projects and collaborative work.
Be attentive to the other`s feelings and needs, to make win-win decisions.
Fulfilling mutual obligations is the sacred duty of every club member.
To have courage for mission achievements, to protect the interests of any club member.
Respect begins with oneself and extends to the entire environment and to all processes of activity.
A community of talented, like-minded businessmen driven by common ideas and goals who share their experiences and material resources as equals, supporting each other and pushing each other to new heights.
Our activities:
Support and communica-tion
Exploring new areas of business
Physical growth
Secure partnership
Education and development
Partner benefits
Trips to the best places in the world for development
Implementing projects with the support of the club
Philanthropic activities
What is the purpose of joining the Club:
Joint implementation of socially significant and business projects;
Continuous development and exchange of experience;
Sports and travel;
Criteria for joining
Admission policy of "Aretocracy"
Share and follow the principles of the club
Have the support of 2 club members at least
Have a positive background that is useful to the club
Must be interviewed
— joining
The process of joining
Applying online
Phone interview
Filling out the form
Private meeting
Fee payment
Introduction to club members
The candidate must:
You get access to:
After joining
Exclusive offers
that you provide and also use. It's not just a discount, these are offers that aren't written about on websites. It`s your personal privileges.
A partner program
that gives great privileges in a variety of areas.
quality Club events
Councils of the Club
special teams with extraordinary knowledge in a particular area, which are designed to help solve specific issues of the Club members.
can buy branded accessories
Club members
+7 (985) 700-15-36
+7 (499) 239-92-62